Amecet and De Figurant

Children's home Amecet is founded by Els van Teijlingen. They are supported from The Netherlands by Theo van Teijlingen on behalf of foundation de Figurant.

Foundation de Figurant hold concerts, make CD's and write books. All with a Christian message. The returns will go to children's home Amecet. For more information about de Figurant you can click here.



Children's home Amecet in Soroti, Uganda, Africa


Address details:

P.O. Box 792
Soroti, Uganda




Foundation de Figurant
Hornikswei 69
4464 AT Goes, The Netherlands


We often depend upon volunteers to help us with our daily chores. Here you can read their stories about their time here.

If you want more information about donations or volunteering, you can send us a message below.