Amun week


For the children the Amun week is the highlight of their year. All the HIV+ children who have lived with us and who are now 8 years and up will get invited. The Amun week is all about how to deal with AIDS. For them to see each other again and exchange their stories is a real comfort. We will have around 50 children to attend the Amun week each year. They all face the daily struggle of living with AIDS, taking their ARV medicines, and are sometimes mistreated by their own family or at school. With special lessons we put the focus on those problems. And in small groups we talk and share our stories.


We play games, sing together, and the children do assignments.

The Amun week takes place in our Amun house. This is where the older children used to live. We set up a tent where we teach the children. There is also a big yard where the children can have fun and play sports.

Lots of children live in what we call “the villages”. These are small groups of little huts where there is no electricity or clean water. We visit those children often. But when they are here for Amun week there are more children to play with. This also gives us a chance to see how the children are doing now that they are living back home.

At the end of the week we will take the children with the bus to Soroti centre, from here they will be taken back home to the villages on all kinds of transportation. Everyone of them gets a gift bag which contains some food and something nice to take home.



In our photo album you can find more pictures about the Amun week

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