Here you will find the stories of volunteers who have helped at Amecet.


Lisanne from The Netherlands

My name is Lisanne and in 2016 in spend 5 months in Uganda. This wonderful opportunity came to me during my internship when I studied Pedagogy. For five months I lived at Amecet and together with the Ugandan staff and Dutch volunteers we took care of the children. We worked 6 days a week. Our job was to take care of the baby’s and children: washing them, feeding them, giving the baby’s their bottle, but also play with the children and help them with their homework. I went to the women’s prison a couple of times. Els and the social workers hand out food and soap to the women in prison who are their with young children. I also visited the pre school so I could see how school in Africa is like.

When children have family in the village, we will place them back if the situation is safe. I went there a couple of times and it is very special to see how people live far from civilization. Their gratitude and hospitality is something I will never forget. During my time at Amecet I had a lot of support from Els, the volunteers and the Ugandan staff. If you want to know more don’t hesitate to send me an email: lisanne_goudappel@hotmail.com 

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Anjo from The Netherlands

My name is Anjo van den Brink and at this moment I am 27 years old. From the start of 2017 I spend 11 weeks at Amecet. Since I was young I had the desire to mean something in Africa. Through the grapevine I heard about Amecet. A place where I could put my love, time, and energy in the baby’s, toddler, and children. As a person, but also as a nurse. I worked with elderly at that time and had no experience with baby’s. But that didn’t matter. The basics I learned in school and in my work are worth a lot. My job here was the same as the caretaker: feeding the baby’s, changing diapers, help the toddlers eat, cuddle and play with the kids. But as a nurse I helped with the NG tube, giving (IV) medication and more. First I was kind of nervous because I had no experience with those thing. But there was always somebody there to help me. Like the nurses, Els, the next door clinic and otherwise a text to The Netherlands. I hope someday to return to Amecet. Especially now while I am in college becoming a nurse in neonatal. I will have a load of knowledge to bring. If you want to know more about my time at Amecet, you are always welcome to send me an email: anjovandenbrink@solcon.nl. I liked to be in contact with somebody who was in amecet before. That way I knew what to expect and ask some practical questions. :)     

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Madelyn from New York, USA

During my last year of high school in America, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to take some time out of my fast paced, western life after school was over, and care for some of His neediest children in a world far less privileged than the one I had grown up in. When I found Amecet online, I knew that was where He was calling me to be.

From the four months I spent at Amecet I gained a love for the people of Uganda and their beautiful culture, an appreciation for the people across the world that answer God’s call in their life no matter how difficult it may be, and a stronger relationship with Jesus. All of the aunties and uncles were so kind and welcoming, and I truly fell in love with all of the children at Amecet. Their stories, as painful as they were, allowed me to see how deep the grace of God really does go. It is an experience I will always treasure, and it is a place I will always hold very dear to my heart. 

Madelyn Ottman  (madelynflorence@gmail.com)


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Mirjam from the Netherlands

in 2011/2012 I spend four and half month at Amecet during my internship. As an almost graduated music therapeut I wanted to go to Africa to gain some experience. They gave me a lot of freedom. I teached at the primary and secondary school of Youth With a Mission. We sang songs with the children or played with instruments. We also played games and crafts. I thought them songs but they also thought me their songs.

At amecet we played music together. We sang songs with the children and after dinner we always worshiped. I enjoyed it very much. But I couldn’t get the music therapy of the ground. Children at Amecet stay here for a short time and the primary needs like taking care of the children, feed them and show them love or first priority. That is why the music therapy came second. Perhaps with a fellow student I could have set something up. But to go through this experience by myself helped me grow personally. Specially since I was there for a couple of months, I had to adopt the culture and I noticed the positive and negative differences with my own culture. I also learned a lot about myself to live without familiar faces around me. I look back at a beautiful time with lots of teachable moments and I still have friends from my period here. Uganda and the children at Amecet will always have a special place in my heart


Musical greetings,

Mirjam Groot Jebbink-Loedeman


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Emma from The Netherlands

My name is Emma and I will tell you something about my time at Amecet. I have been here two times. The first time for half a year (october 2015 to april 2016) and the second time for three weeks (march 2017). I had a wonderful and special time at Amecet. I worked six days a week and took care of the children together with the Ugandan staff. We feed them, bath them, and give the baby’s their bottle. With the toddlers and older children I played and I also helped around the house. I slept in the staff house in the Amecet compound and every day I got three meals. The time at Amecet, taking care of the baby’s and working and living in a culture so different from my own is something I wouldn’t want to mis for the world. That is why I came back after a year. I enjoyed my time at Amecet and saw the wonderful work they do for the children. If you want to volunteer at Amecet and you want to know more about my experience there, you can always send me an email: emmavdwekken@hotmail.com 

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