A sick child in an African hospital. There is a lot of poverty and a lot of children have AIDS. In the hospital they will receive care and medication.

Every week we are visiting the Therapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC) at the hospital. Mothers will stay here with their sick and often malnourished children. The mother will stay with her sick child, but she could very well have children at home as well. We will bring food for the children so they will regain strength. That way we shorten their stay at the hospital and the mom and her child can go home to their family.


In some cases we will take care of the baby at Amecet. We will take care of the child so the mother can go back to her family. As soon as the child is healthy again and regained its strength, we will take it back to their family.


The children will receive food at the hospital but it is not enough for a malnourished baby. Because of that it is necessary that we stop by and bring extra food for the ones who need it.


We visit Soroti Hospital very often. All of our HIV+ children are receiving their medicines at the hospital. A couple of years ago there was no Pediatric HIV Clinic. That is why the Dutch foundation “De Figurant” and Amecet worked together to build one. Now there is a beautiful Pediatric HIV Clinic for the HIV+ children.

The HIV clinic in Soroti, Uganda. In Africa a lot of people are HIV+. At the clinic they can get their medicines, help, and information. Amecet build the HIV Clinic with the donations from de Figurant

The HIV Clinic

The waitingroom in an African hospital. A lot of people are HIV+ and need help at the hospital.

The waiting room

A consultation at the doctor in Soroti, Uganda. African hospital

A doctors consultation

At the HIV clinic the medication is givin to the patients who are HIV+.

Receiving the ARV medicines

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