Mirjam from the Netherlands

Published on 11 June 2018 at 10:20

in 2011/2012 I spend four and half month at Amecet during my internship. As an almost graduated music therapeut I wanted to go to Africa to gain some experience. They gave me a lot of freedom. I teached at the primary and secondary school of Youth With a Mission. We sang songs with the children or played with instruments. We also played games and crafts. I thought them songs but they also thought me their songs.

At amecet we played music together. We sang songs with the children and after dinner we always worshiped. I enjoyed it very much. But I couldn’t get the music therapy of the ground. Children at Amecet stay here for a short time and the primary needs like taking care of the children, feed them and show them love or first priority. That is why the music therapy came second. Perhaps with a fellow student I could have set something up. But to go through this experience by myself helped me grow personally. Specially since I was there for a couple of months, I had to adopt the culture and I noticed the positive and negative differences with my own culture. I also learned a lot about myself to live without familiar faces around me. I look back at a beautiful time with lots of teachable moments and I still have friends from my period here. Uganda and the children at Amecet will always have a special place in my heart


Musical greetings,

Mirjam Groot Jebbink-Loedeman


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